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YouCam Makeup

Get a real time makeover with impressive visuals from YouCam Makeup. The app works well on various device sizes, but the tablet versions have the greatest entertainment value. To start, the makeup cam detects your face and gives you some foundation to smooth out uneven skin. Then you can apply eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, cat eye liner and fake lashes. It doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but seeing is believing. As you blink, the mascara on your lashes, glitter eyeshadow and eyeliner remain just as it should. If you rotate from side to side (slowly) or tilt your face up or down the makeup stays in place. Want to see what you look like with blue lips or a sultry red or a metallic silver? You can do it in a few clicks. It feels like you’re looking in a mirror instead of testing a makeup app, and it looks like you’re really wearing it. what you look like now, picture. Eek!cheap nfl jerseys
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Take a photo through the app and then you can really get creative. Now you can change your hairstyle, eyebrows and a number of other features. You can tweak almost every aspect of your appearance superficially. The app won’t alter your features, everything is done as if you were in the hands of an expert makeup artist. Some of the best tricks aren’t obvious, but the app is pretty intuitive and easy to use. It’s billed as the smart cosmetic kit, “harnessing the most accurate facial mapping technology for a true to life virtual makeover.”

Once you have your glam photo you can send it to yourself or email the before and after snaps to friends. You can’t shop for cosmetics through the app, yet, but it will eventually be a great option once they figure out partnerships in the United States. The app originated in Taiwan, and prices and products are fully integrated in that version.

Now, you’ll just have to take the app to a real makeup counter and see if they have products to duplicate the palettes. Still it’s a great template for deciding your look for a special occasion without smearing and cleansing and applying tons of product, and it makes for great party tricks. Free in the Google Play and Apple stores.

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With more urbanites considering buying properties deep into the Fraser Valley Chilliwack City Council is looking to stop people from building big houses on valuable farm land.

City Councillor, Farmer and Realtor Chris Kloot says because of Chilliwack relative affordability within the Lower Mainland, more people with more money are moving there and building large homes on agricultural land.

homes have been built but they right in the centre of a 10 or 20 acre parcel with a driveway right down the middle and that obviously limits the actual use of the agricultural land around it and the viability of it. canada goose uk is considering a bylaw revision and Kloot says there will be lots of discussion around it to make sure it the right set of rules.

He says the bylaw would most likely regulate the location of the homes, not the size.

need to be proactive on this to make sure the land is being used for [farming] rather than large homes that are really chopping up the land. thinks about 30 per cent of buyers in Chilliwack are coming from other cities.

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After Lexi moved to Utah to attend college, her sister, Amie, now 17, stepped up to the plate. And the project quickly became something Amie is passionate about.

“It is great to see them when they come in,” Amie says of the families they provide vacations for. “I have been raised to give back whenever I can it makes me feel good.”

Now in its fifth summer, Operation Jersey Shore Vacation works closely with military leaders at Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst in central New Jersey and with the owners of summer homes to identify qualified military families and to secure a home for them to stay in for a week at the New Jersey shore.

Beyond just providing the space for a family to enjoy, the project also works with local vendors and community groups to provide gift cards for groceries and other necessities, as well as free meals or outings on the island.

One location, Fantasy Island, provides the families with free access to its rides, games, and other attractions as a special honor to service members.

“Being down here and having this chance to be together on a vacation I think that is just real quality time for everybody to reconnect,” says Mr. Sinor, who added that he has no trouble finding support from local businesses or homeowners to make such vacations a reality.

One impetus for starting the program came when his oldest daughter was traveling in Italy between Florence and Rome and an earthquake struck, Sinor says. wholesale nfl jerseys It took some 16 hours for the family to find out that she was safe. That experience, he says, resonated with the family as an example of what the families of US military personnel go through on a regular basis.

“We appreciate so much what the individual military people and their families sacrifice for us,” he says.

Seeing the families with children enjoying the rides and games along the coastline is a memory he won’t soon forget, Sinor says.

“It is special to them,” he says, noting the impact such experiences can have on young children. “That’s a memory they might not otherwise have had.”

While running the program takes a lot of time and dedication from an already busy high school senior, Amie says it has become something she is passionate about. The teen still visits each family during its stay to date, more than 25 families in the five summers the program has been in operation.

“It does take a lot of time, but it is totally worth it,” she says. “When you see the families and how happy they are to be together, it is just priceless.”

The Sinor family now is working to obtain 501c3 nonprofit status for their program.

This summer, the shore also may be visited by a family or two who have been displaced by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. At the time of a recent interview, Amie was working to identify times for a pair of Oklahoma families to travel to the New Jersey shore to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Heather Lamb fondly recalls the vacation her family was able to take through the project last summer, when they spent a week on New Jersey’s Long Beach Island. She enjoyed the week long reprieve along with her husband, Benjamin, and two of their three sons Connor and Keegan.

“It was the first vacation ever for the family,” Mrs. Lamb says. “Due to my husband’s deployment schedules, we never got time to actually plan everything. You cannot make plans it is very difficult.”