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Young excited about putting on Oilers uniform

For most of the Tennessee Titans, wearing the throwback uniforms of the Houston Oilers will be a nice little twist to open the preseason.

As Keith Bulluck smiled and said, looking forward to wearing the Oilers uniform because I know I look good in it. for one Titans player, putting on the Columbia blue with the oil derrick on the helmet will be extremely special.

Quarterback Vince Young grew up in Houston, rooting for the Oilers, and is relishing the opportunity to put on the digs of the team he followed as a youngster Sunday when the Titans play the Buffalo Bills in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

like a dream come true. I can wait to dress it up with the little style I going to have with it. I have a lot of memories, and just to put that No. 10 on, because you never had a No. 10 Oilers [jersey], Young said. cheap nfl jerseys
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cheapnfljerseyfreeshipping going to have my own little style with it, but just to have [the helmet] on my head will bring back a lot of memories. remembered growing up an avid fan of the team in Houston, recalling the run and shoot years of Warren Moon and other seasons of success combined with heartbreak. The ultimate heartbreak came after the 1996 season when the Oilers moved to Tennessee, leaving Houston without a team until the Texans were born in 2002.

was very angry [when they moved], because I was always an Oilers fan, always watching them, watching Warren Moon, Chris Chandler, Haywood Jeffires, Ray Childress I was a big fan of all those guys, Young said. when they left it was a heartbreaker for the city. A lot of people watched the Rockets and the Astros, but when football season hit, we were looking forward to the Oilers. We would get close every year to the Super Bowl, but never make it. recalled the Oilers playoff collapse against Buffalo in the 1992 playoffs, and a loss to John Elway and Denver in closing seconds the year before.

Nonetheless, Young said people he talks to back in Houston are intrigued by the Oilers uniforms being retrieved from the mothballs this season. The Titans will wear the home blue uniforms Sunday, and will wear the Oilers’ gear three other times in the regular season.

hearing people back in Houston when I was at home, saying, y are going to wear the Oilers [uniforms]. You be looking good. I looking forward to it and I excited about it, Young said.

Young and his teammates got a brief taste of it with Tuesday morning practice, donning the Oilers helmets as Coach Jeff Fisher said, break them in. Sunday night game, Young said he will probably keep his Oilers jersey and frame it to put on the wall in his house. And he going to collect a few more from some teammates as keepsakes as well.

taking a lot of people jerseys, because they owe me a jersey. I given a lot of people my jerseys in the past few years, and I been waiting, Young said. this is a good time to be waiting, and I get me a couple of more Oilers jerseys from guys like Keith Bulluck and others that I respect on the team. When they take off that jersey, they can pass it to me.

Volleyball players share their favorite styles

Hey, guys may be the of summer fashion when it comes to its annual women’s swimsuit edition, what with bodacious babes in the latest looks. But what about beachwear tips for fellas? We could use a little help from time to time. After all, swimwear designers claim guys buy a new swimsuit every two to three years.

Moondoggies, it’s time for a bitchin’ beach makeover.

For that, take your cues from some macho beach lizards professional beach volleyball players who play on two man teams and earn a paycheck spiking and jousting in bare feet. The beach is their office, and their dress code takes casual Friday to X treme dressing: shirtless, shoeless and suntanned.

On their own, the players have a smorgasbord of style. And a few, like , 28, admit to being virtually fashion clueless duh, they’re always at the beach. The 28 year old owns one dress shirt, one pair of khaki trousers and one sport coat, which after some investigative digging is really the coat to the only suit he owns.

But give these guys a GQ op while hanging out at Southern California’s Hermosa Beach and instantly they pull together cool looks from this season’s hottest trends: board shorts and short short trunks in bold colors and retro prints, bestbuy001
matching tropical shirts and bottoms and colorful pareos or body wraps for the daring.

Chip McCaw went for the Krizia leopard print brief trunks with a hooded shirt in a distressed leather fabric and Ocean Pacific shades. chose silver shorts with red dancing flames that oh so perfectly matched silver framed Oakley sunglasses. And get this when handed Polynesian inspired pareos from , the guys didn’t even hesitate and expertly tied the long cloths around their waists like wraparound skirts.

They eagerly tried other looks: in a skintight blue floral Speedo; Dax Holdren in a white cotton embroidered shirt and blue striped drawstring pants from Banana Republic; and Nygaard in Tommy Bahama trunks and retro bamboo print shirt and Mossimo slides.

, 27, is usually on the beach shirtless and in drawstring volley shorts that fall slightly above the knee. Give the guy a break; it’s his work uniform. But after trying on some of the current looks including shorts and a wet suit he’s convinced that there’s more to beachwear than the same old, same old.

Since 13, Rogers, has been on the beach. “The beach and I are a natural fit,” he said, and going professional six years ago “was always a pipe dream, but I didn’t start thinking about that until I was in college” at the . Rogers told his parents he would give himself three years “to make it to the pros and be successful at it.” And if that didn’t work out, “then I was gonna get a 9 to 5er.”

Just thinking about a “regular” job and wearing starched shirts and creased trousers creeps him out. “I’m definitely not a coat and tie kind of guy. My fashion sense is fairly poor. If I’m not in shorts, I’m in jeans and a T shirt.”

Holdren, 28, is more style conscious. Correction his wife is. Jennifer is his personal shopper and buys his clothes mostly from Banana Republic and the Gap. “I don’t like skintight stuff, and I’m not into the huge, baggy jeans look. I like the clean look, no pleats, plain fronts, your basic shirt,” Holdren said.

It’s a look he feels confident wearing. “Style, like anything else in life, is about self confidence.”

Of course, it helps if you look like something Rodin just sculpted. And you have to work out for a living.

“If you feel like you are in good shape, that alone will give you the confidence to wear a short and to take off your tank top,” said Holdren, who has played professional volleyball for five years. “But you gotta get into the gym and work out or find a sport or something athletic that you like jogging, tennis, bowling something that will get your heart rate up. You gotta sweat.”

Still, he knows he’s no ordinary dude.

“Most people can’t believe that this is my job or that you can make enough money doing that. And then they get upset because they’re going to the office while I’m going to the beach in shorts.”

Young hockey star has big career plans

Zuback, 17, who plans on playing NCAA Division 1 hockey, but she’s hoping her first international experience isn’t her last.”My greatest goal is to play for the senior team and make the Olympic squad when my time comes,” said Zuback, hoping to follow in the footsteps of another famous Thunder Bay Queens graduate, Haley Irwin, who brought home a gold medal from the recent Vancouver Games.”I actually got the chance to train with Haley Irwin and Al MacKenzie all this summer and it was a great opportunity and I learned so much from both of nfl jerseys
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buycheapnfljerseys Haley is a great player and it was great to be able to learn from an Olympic hockey player what it takes to reach those next levels and what the next steps are.”First the 5 foot 6 forward has to finish high school though she won’t do that at home.Instead Zuback plans to head to Waterloo, Ont. for her Grade 12 school year, where she intends to play for the Kitchener Waterloo Rangers of the Provincial Women’s Hockey League, a 19 team circuit that stretches from Ottawa to Hamilton.”I’m looking forward to it and it should be a great season,” she said via email. “I will be billeting with a family there and am excited to get down there. Also, I’m hoping to keep up my play and make the U 18 team for the world championship, which I believe is in late December in Sweden.”Zuback, joined in Lake Placid by Queens teammate and star goaltender Amanda Makela, said the adjustment from her midget aged team to one at the national level seemed to go smoothly, despite the added level of competition as everyone tried to make an impression on the coaching staff.There was no time for a let up, Zuback said.”On this team everyone battles and competes every day. They bring their ‘A’ game during everything, whether it’s during warm up, fitness testing, the pre game skate or just a fun game, everything is competitive.”

Young people find cycling gets the wheels turning

A look at big names hosting Trump for Seattle fundraiser Aug. 30Maker of massacre gun steps up to fund NRA lobbying armUnlimited Digital Access. $1 for 4 weeks.

The project, named for turn of the century African American bike racer Marshall Taylor, has clubs all over the country. The program came to Seattle some years ago when Ron Sims, then King County executive, met with Cascade Bicycle Club Executive Director Chuck Ayers and encouraged him to start a Major Taylor program in King County.

With $25,000 seed money from the county, three years ago Major Taylor clubs in White Center, Columbia City and Burien started recruiting young riders. Today there are eight clubs with 180 members in King County. Former sales and marketing executive and bicycle racer Ed Ewing is the full time project nfl jerseys
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It was an especially meaningful job for Ewing, 46, an African American who points out that black cyclists are a rarity. Having grown up cycling and later racing, he knows how it can build confidence.

project means more to me than just getting kids up on bikes, Ewing said.

Riding with the STP annual 10,000 riders was never the primary goal of the clubs, he said. That idea just evolved naturally three years ago when some of those first recruits were so enthusiastic they wanted to take on the challenge of riding to Portland.

Ani Anu, 19, who came from Nigeria two years ago, was on that first STP. It was an adventure he never forget.

There was the early morning start at Husky Stadium, when bleary eyed riders in a wild splash of colorful jerseys burst from the starting line and headed south, Anu remembers. There was the band at the REI headquarters in Kent with blaring rock music as riders stretched and ate bagels and peanut butter before riding on. And there was the dreaded steep hill in Puyallup. That was where a rider with only one leg easily pedaled past Anu.

Anu loved camping with the other Major Taylor riders at a site in Chehalis, going for a dip in the camp pool, eating fried rice from a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Linda Ba, 18, of White Center, was initially intimidated about doing her first STP three years ago. She had put in less than 100 training miles far fewer than the recommended 1,000. She finished nonetheless.

When she graduated from Evergreen High School last month, she was touched when another student said she was inspired by Ba cycling diligence.

As for Juarez, who grew up in Mexico and later California: just like getting to know the neighborhood. In a car, you don really notice things, but when I on a bike, I notice different roads, a park. So when she heard about the Major Taylor program, she began recruiting kids. The foundation started Earn a Bike. Teens are taught bike maintenance and work on bikes in exchange for getting one of their own. Bikes are donated by businesses.

Along the way are life lessons for those who ride, she said.

As members of the different clubs in the county for weekly rides led by adult volunteers, they come to know other neighborhoods in many ways: There are houses spilling music; the fragrances of curry or fried chicken or pancakes wafting from kitchens; vacant lots tangled with thorny canes and sweet with the smell of berries in the sun.

But most of all, say those who ride, you learn that your own determination can take you just about anywhere.

verden eventyr å bli møtt av noen typisk skotske været

Den tidligere presidenten i den skotske Aero Club venstre Perth 19. mai og reiste gjennom 25 land med 52 stopp før han kom tilbake der han startet.

Før han dro, Dave avslørt hvordan han forberedte for den episke flyturen.

Landing etter hans siste hopp fra Reykjavik, sa han: «Det var seks og en halv time, og deretter å komme inn i regn og gjøre formasjonsflyging i lav høyde, det var litt krevende etter en transoceanic flytur.

Det var ikke humpete, du bare ikke kunne se noe, sikten var bare forferdelig.

Med været, det føltes som en hjemkomst til Skottland, dessverre.

Eventyret var den første globale antenne jordomseiling iscenesatt fra øst for Skottland og bare andre gang en slik utfordring har blitt foretatt fra Skottland.

Dave ble ønsket velkommen hjem av venner og familie pluss lokale MSP John Swinney og Perth og Kinross prost Liz Grant.

Dave sa det første han ville gjøre var ha en bit av stille tid som han har til å bli klar til å fly flyet tilbake til Toronto neste uke drar ham litt tid til å slappe av.canada goose jakke
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Når det kom til høydepunktet på turen, sa han: Jeg kunne ikke sette fingeren på, men jeg vil si noen av høydepunktene var Singapore og Australia Vi fløy hele veien rundt Australia, rett rundt omkretsen. .

Flying the Pacific var et høydepunkt, men de andre, det er litt for mange til å nevne.

Jeg hadde et par skumle øyeblikk et tordenvær i Indiana, skapte det litt angst.

Across the Pacific fra Hawaii til California var den lengste etappen, og det er ganske en ildprøve, en 17 timers flytur.

Han sa at han savnet mest av alt å være hjemme med sin familie og venner. Og han avslørte det eneste han ikke ville gå glipp av om hans ekspedisjon var pakke opp hver morgen og lugging alt opp til flyet og lasting flyet hver dag.

Dave landet på 16:10 i går, etter å ha fløyet 824 miles fra den islandske hovedstaden. To fly fløy ut fra den lille flyplassen å fange opp og veilede ham på hans siste tilnærming tilbake til Perth.

Scottish Aero Club medlemmer og Skottlands Charity Luftambulanse foret taksebanen med sine fly for å gi ham en æresvakt da han landet.

Graeme Hammond, av den skotske Aero Club, velkommen Dave. Han sa at reisen var noe mange piloter drømme om, men de fleste synes også skremmende å stadig tenke på.

Du må ikke bare å være en svært dyktig pilot og ekspert arrangør, men også ekstremt modig også, sa han.

Som Dave selv sa, det er flere personer som har gikk i bane rundt jorda enn har flydd en enmotors fly rundt i verden.

Han har oppnådd noe virkelig bemerkelsesverdig.

Gavin Davey, konsernsjef i Perth basert Skottlands Charity Luftambulanse (SCAA) valgt av Dave for hans liv endring eventyr årsaken sa at han hadde tatt på den ultimate pengeinnsamling utfordring.

Han sa: Vi er alltid overrasket og ydmyket av lengder folk går til for å støtte Skottlands

bare veldedighet finansiert helikopter luftambulanse, men Dave har påtatt seg den ultimate utfordringen, og vi kan ikke takke ham nok.

Han strakte seg selv og sin lille flyet til grensene for deres utholdenhet. Han møtte hindringer som militærkupp, utstyr glitches, flykontrollvansker og ekstrem varme og kulde for å oppnå sitt mål.