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For exes who somehow still need a burnt orange sweatshirt or Longhorns bumper sticker, the University Co op is planning to expand to Houston.

A scaled down version of the campus institution is scheduled to open no later than Aug. 20 at the Uptown Park shopping center on the West Loop. The store, which will sell apparel and merchandise, but not textbooks, will be the first outside Austin, said , vice president of marketing.

The expansion follows a recent trend of large public universities opening stores in other parts of their states. cheap nfl jerseys Houston was chosen because of its size, proximity to Austin and large alumni base.

“Our mission started by serving students, faculty and staff, but we also should include alumni,” Jewell said. In Houston, he said, “we anticipate a lot of Longhorns, a lot of closet Longhorns and a lot of people whose bosses are Longhorns.”