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Composing Your College Application Essay

Composing Your College Application Essay

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Recommended Personal Statement Writers

Recommended Personal Statement Writers

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Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Internet is no longer a privilege – it is a necessity. It is something we have heavily come to depend on. Sometimes it is hard to believe that till just about a few decades ago, completing a project meant take the time out to go to a library, armed with a notebook and all kinds of drawing and writing materials, and going through piles of books to compile decent amount of information, which would then go into a project. Gone are the days when an assignment meant creating working models. Everybody has become tech-savvy, so that now we would rather prefer animation to working models, power-point presentations to actual flow-charts. As with everything in the world, this has several pros and cons (personally, more cons, I think). However, one inevitable outcome of all this is – everybody is on the internet. However, the immediate concern that arises in the mind is, everything on the internet is accessible to everyone! How then, can you protect your child and ensure his/her safety online?

5 Point Plan to Ensure Your Child’s Online Safety

Here are five very basic and easy to implement ways in which you can protect your child from bad influences on the internet.

#1 – Internet Hours
Fix up a time in the day when your child can access the internet. Do not let your child access the internet during any other times of the day. However, be fair when you are doing this. The child should not feel like you are bossing on him/her or are being unreasonable or rude. It should be a fair game. The main reason behind this is – if your child develops a rebellious attitude, he/she is going to want to break the rules! This may in turn, make things get out of control. Also, decide on a time when you will be in the house. You need not pull up a chair and sit behind your child and monitor each and every page he/she visits. But the fact that you are around will prevent your child from being naughty. Also insist on leaving the door to your child’s room ajar, if not completely open. Do not let him/her bolt the doors from inside the room.

#2 – Passwords
Make sure your computer is well protected. Put passwords on programs that you think are harmful for your child. You can even store games within password protected folders. Make sure you create a secure password. Passwords are a good way to keep your children out of stuff that you think is inappropriate for them. However, if you do create a password, make sure you know how to recover your data from an event of password hacking. Kids nowadays, know more than we can imagine! So keep yourself updated on the various hacking software, and make sure your child does not lay hands on any of them.

#3 – Parental Control
Block access to all those websites that may contain content – including the actual content on the website as well as advertisements of products and services – that you think is inappropriate for your child. Also, never edit the settings when you want to use the computer. You can access all the websites you want in other ways. Create different user profiles for the computer with different internet settings. Again, remember to protect the user profiles with suitable password.

#4 – Limit Purchases
Online shopping makes life a lot easy – with books, clothes and all sorts of things available online. You may want to purchase a few goods for your kids; a limited edition book, or a special edition CD or DVD of a movie, etc. Make all these purchases yourself. Do not reveal your PayPal details and credit card details to your kids. You will hence be able to keep a tab on what your kids buy online. Allowing your child to make individual purchases online could be twice as dangerous. Firstly, you do not know what they are purchasing and whether it is alright for them to purchase it or not. Second, you will not have any control over how much money your child spends online! This will include membership fees to websites, actual purchases, and a lot of other things.

#5 – Inculcate Responsibility
The best way to restrict your kids online is to make them responsible and to make them understand WHY they should not do certain things online. Gain their confidence. Do not simply lay down rules – make them understand why you are doing what you are doing. Kids nowadays, belong to the Y Generation – they always want to know why. This is not a part of being audacious or rebellious. This is just the way kids are coming to be now. But most of the time, parents do not know how to deal with this constant questioning, and this is when they bring in the whole authority issue. Understand this, and act accordingly.

I believe this has given you some hope about your child’s safety online. Educating yourself and your kids about internet safety should be the top most thing on your list when you are introducing the world wide web to your child. Making your child grow up to be a responsible individual of the society will take care of most problems regarding safety in all sense – even on the internet. Do not use force – it will only drive your child further in the direction of misbehaving and overthrowing your authority. Instead, stress more on using logic and convince your kids about your points of view. All the best!

Set Up Parental Controls on Mac

In the recent years, there has been a steady rise in violence due to wide usage of Internet. Apart from the violence danger, there are other dangers, that parents have to protect their children from. Some children also simply spend their time playing different games on the computer. Therefore, it is important to have parental controls installed on the computer. It will help in monitoring the websites visited, emails sent to various people, chats, the duration your child spends on the Internet or also the amount of time the child spends on the Mac, etc. All this while, since the child was small and was not using the computer, you were not bothered about setting up different controls on the system. However, since the child has grown up and accesses the Internet, both when you are around and not around, you would want to know how to set up parental controls your computer. Before we read about setting up parental controls on Mac, we will see the advantages of having parental control on computer usage.

Advantages of Parental Control on Mac

Mac has one of the best parental control software. With this software, it is rather easier to create certain settings for Internet applications. A list of safe email addresses can be set up. It is only with these addresses will the user be able to exchange emails. Similarly, a list of ‘permitted’ websites can also be set up, so that the pornographic or harmful websites are out of bound for children. Parental controls can also be set to restrict the people the child can chat with. The applications that the child can use on the system can also be restricted. Having parental control in place also ensures, that the different settings are not changed even accidentally. Many times parents lose important data on the system, when the child deletes files from the system, however, once parental control is in place, this can be prevented.

Setting Up Parental Controls on Mac

We will now see how to set up parental control software on Mac operating system, namely OS X 10.5.x. Although parental control is also available on the previous versions of the operating system, the steps mentioned here are specifically for OS X 10.5.x. Before you can set up the parental control, you will need at least one managed user account on the system. If there is only one account, it will naturally be the administrator account. So that you can set up the parental control, you will have to log onto the system as an administrator.

Click on the Apple icon located in the Finder menu bar and scroll down to go to ‘System Preferences’ and click on ‘Accounts’.
If you see that some of the settings are dimmed, then you will have to enter the administrator name and password after clicking on the lock icon.
The next step will be to select the user account on which you would want to set up parental control.
Then click on ‘Parental Control’.
Now go to ‘Finder & System’ in the family controls list and then click on Configure.
Once you are in the ‘Finder & System’, you will also be able to configure other user accounts as well.
Then you will want to set ‘Limits’ for the operating system, which will help in making the interface a little more interactive, which the young children will find easy to go around with.
After which you will have to select each individual feature on which you will want to set parental control. Some of the features, where the parental controls are set is Safari browser, which will restrict visiting certain websites and ‘iChat’, by which the child will not be able to chat with all and sundry. Similarly, in the ‘Mail’ option email addresses can be filtered out.
After the limits have been set, click on OK, so that the parental controls will be applicable on your Mac.

I hope now you know what are the steps, you should take to install parental controls on Mac. It is best to set up a number of filters, so that your child is better protected. It is important to note that even if you block certain websites, email addresses, etc., at this stage you will be able to restore them and add them to ‘safe’ later. It is best to keep monitoring the parental controls from time to time to make changes as required.