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Can I have my circuit board repaired, or is it better to replace electronics?

Since the advent of online tutorials, such as and YouTube, attempting repair work on electronics has become commonplace.  Even I have replaced my cell phone glass a time or twelve.  As the cost of devices continue to rise, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to opt to repair electronics, rather than replace them.

Having said that, PCB assembly and repair is not child’s play.  It’s one thing to replace the glass cover on a cell phone, and quite another to solder electrical components. I’ll offer a general piece of advice; If everything you know about science and technology was learned from Back to the Future, it may not be wise to attempt a circuit board repair using online tutorials.  There are a lot of hobbyists who really excel at circuit board work, but most of them have had years of practice on scratch materials. Attempting a repair with an expensive piece for the first time is more than likely going to result in you having to replace it anyway.

In short, if you are going to attempt the repair, have a professional do the work.  This can still save you a significant amount of money. There are several scenarios in which it is not a better idea to repair the work, and I’ve listed them below.

Your electronic device is in overall poor condition

If you’ve been having ongoing problems with your electronic device and you’re not even sure it’s the circuit board that is the problem, you may be dealing with a money pit.  Also, consider if the electronic looks like its seen better days and has no real resale value, is it worth the money to fix?

Your electronic device is being phased out or discontinued

Again, consider resale value and how difficult it would be to find replacement parts, should you need additional work done in the future.  With EPA regulations changing, a lot of replacement parts on older model electronics are being banned or phased out.

The Repair Cost is greater than 50% of a replacement purchase

Consumer Reports has been saying this for years and it’s great advice.  Generally, speaking if the cost to repair is greater than 50 percent, it’s a better idea to invest in a new product.  This way you regain a warranty coverage, as well as enjoy a longer life expectancy for your new device.

Too difficult to extract the circuit board

This is especially true for big pieces of equipment or delicate pieces of equipment that you’ll have to remove and send in for repairs. When removing the board, you run the risk of causing further damage to the board or inadvertently damaging other parts of the electronic. Often, you won’t event know additional damage was done until after you’ve paid for the repairs and find the device is still not working properly.

While there are several instances in which you’d want to replace your electronic rather than repairing circuit board work, there are also instances in which repairing is the better option. If you are dealing with a commercial or custom made product, you might have the option of sending it back to the company that built the circuit board for you in the first place.  They should know definitively whether the damage is repairable, or if they recommend replacement.

Ways to Interact with Your Smart Phone

Touch screens have completely changed how we interact with mobile devices, like phones and tablets. Even desktop PCs can utilize touch screen technology. Whether you are using a voice recognition app to talk to your phone, or the touch screen to flip through a digital magazine (like Just Flip Books).

The Touch Screen

This is the main way that people interact with their phones, using a mix of taps, touches and movements on the touch screen.

A single tap has replaced the usual mouse click, but you can use the touch screen in other ways too. Touch, hold and drag can be a useful technique too. It allows you to move files, messages or icons around, and maneuver things around in games. Using two fingers can help position objects, allowing you to “grab” something in two places and turn or pivot the object. Also, by dragging two fingers simultaneously, you can zoom in or out.

There is also the swipe. A quick drag across the screen has its place too. It’s a little less precise than the hold and drag, and often used for page-turning or screen-scrolling functions.

There is no doubt about it. A touch screen is the ultimate in flexibility and allows you to perform a number of varied functions without any additional tools or accessories.

The Home Button

Even with the versatile touch screen, most phones have at least one physical, mechanical button for certain controls. Known as the home button, this is the one place where you still use a click to access various phone features. The specifics vary, depending on your phone, but it usually gives you access to a few core functions. For the iPhone, it can access the Siri voice assistant or bring up all the running apps. On Samsung phones, the home button returns you back to the desktop or loads a Google search screen.

It may only be a single button, but it can have multiple functions. Whether you click once, twice or hold it down can change what it does. Most people consider having at least one button important because it gives you access to your device even if the touch screen is not working. Even so, there is talk of removing the home button on some future phones.

Voice Command

And with some apps and platforms, you can bypass the screen and buttons altogether. This is a great interaction option when you need to go hand-free. It can also be a lot faster than trying to type in lengthy phrases, such as when you want to use a search engine to find something.

We already mentioned the well-known Siri voice command interface as one example. For Android phones, you can use Google’s Voice Access for similar hands-off functions.


This isn’t the main technique for interacting with your phone, but some apps and games use the motion or orientation of the phone as a form of input. The most obvious example is how a phone will adjust the display between landscape and portrait, depending on how the device is being held. Some games also use this feature to create very realistic movement for game objects, and virtual reality games like Pokemon Go are based on your phone’s location and movement too.

Use the Development of Technology for Your Life

As we know that technology is developed so fast nowadays. There are many kinds of new inventions that you can find out from the technology. In this case, technology really essential and it can give the impact to your life. You need to make sure that you can take the benefit of the technology for your life well. Let’s say internet, it is one of the greatest inventions that can be used by all aspects of people for any kinds of use too.

The inventions offered by internet is still too broad. There are many kinds of inventions that you can find after the development of internet. The most important point is that you will find out the easiness from the help of internet. Then you can find out about Internet of Things (IoT). Have you ever heard about this before? By using Internet of Things (IoT), you will have the easier access for accessing the internet no matter where you are. Even when you are in front of your refrigerator, you can display the weather forecast accessed from your smartphone.

Well, all of the easiness can be got easily from Microchip. If you are looking for the devices or the program like Internet of Things (IoT), you do not need to be worried. You can click This is such a nice site that you can find out any kinds of needs like the Internet of Things to support your daily activities. So far, what are you waiting for? Microchip is very experienced in dealing with many kinds of technology. If you are looking for the good quality of the technology, they will provide that for you. Try to visit their site and you will find out what you are looking for. Good luck to upgrade the technology for your need.

Temporary event internet

When you start looking at getting temporary internet for events, the first thing you’ll likely come across is the technology offered by your venue. Internet is such an essential part of events now, that almost every venue facility will have installed internet solutions into their facilities. This is no doubt convenient, but these aren’t necessarily the best option for the event planner.

For one thing, these are often more expensive than they ought to be. So you may have budgeted a certain amount, and you may find it hard to match that with what the venue proposes to add for internet. The reason they can do this is largely because their technology is the default, easiest solution, so you’ll be paying quite a bit just for convenience.

In addition, and connected to the first issue, is the fact that venue technology may be out-of-date. Hard wired solutions can be difficult to upgrade, and may also be overpriced.

A better solution will be temporary internet rental from Trade Show Internet. They are less expensive, and because their technology is portable, it is kept very current.

Have the Problem with the Technology? Here We Go!

Technology is something that we really have nowadays. Technology is well developed now and we need to make sure that we can prepare all of the things regarding to the technology. Preparing for all of the things here means that we should try to manage our technology for supporting our life too. When we want to have the good quality of the technology in our life, we need to be able to pick and choose which one of the technology that we really need.

But we know that sometimes the technology need to be treated well too. The technology here belongs to the devices. We need to maintain the devices well if we want to have the good and long term usage of the devices. The devices here can be varied too. That’s why you need to make sure that you can use the technology carefully.  For example, when you use the computer, you need to use it properly. If you do not use it properly, I am afraid that you will have the short term time usage.

If your devices are not used well and it broken, you need to make sure that you need to have the reparation time. You need to make sure that you can really know how to teardown if you want to really know what goings on with your devices. Or if you do not be able to do that, you simply can contact Parsa Wireless. They are such the good service that will enable you to have the good teardown process for letting them know what the problem with the devices so that you will be able to fix it again. So far, do you get any inspiration about to fix this kind of condition? Good luck for the process of teardown for your own technology.

Should You Have Sage 100 Training?

Any business owners or those who have a plan to build a business know that to build a strong business, it is important to integrate many factors. In the case that you need a solution for accounting business, Sage 100 manufacturing software will be very helpful to kick-start your business for the good things that you find from the software, but to take benefit of the good things from the software, then sage 100 training is essential. But should you take the training? While you take sometimes to decide, how about you take a look to some of its advantages?

First, if in the near future you want to add function toward the software system as your business growth, you effortlessly can add function that you want. Second, your data is perfectly kept. And if you compare it with conventional way of data reporting, you know that this software system is way more reliable. Not to mention, but when you have great data quality, it will be very helpful for you to take the next step to expand your business. Do you have some issues with your previous customer relations management system? Because, third, this system software will improve your business CRM.

A solution that can lower down the production or operation cost is essential for a business, and yes, any business owners knew about it. So what is the relationship between this software system with affordable operation cost? Applying this system to your business means you can reduce any possible cost as the software system can prevent delay and more. Want to improve supply chain management, this software system is very reliable. In fact it leads to betterment for the entire system of your business supply chain. the advantages of this software system aren’t those only, you can find more benefits once you know how to utilize this software system to integrate it with your business.

Ways Business Owner Can Do To Secure Their Data

Among other things, hacker really is like a deadly disease for business owner considering the harm that is caused. Dealing with hacker can be a headache because your business reputation will be at stake. ITProTV can be solution for small and midsize business owners to tackle down any damage that may happen for the data leak. But why small or midsize companies? Hackers look to find easy way to get what they want. They know that its not easy to enter big company system and that is why they consider small to midsize company to find some ways through their business data.

So then before its too late, you need to do something to protect your data. Okay, you maybe think that pro anti virus that you use to prevent data is enough. However, understanding the nature of hacker, you know that they are way better than the anti virus that you install. But then why the aforesaid solution? It caters you with IT training that is very convenient and comprehensive. Convenient because you can get the IT training almost everywhere. It is comprehensive because the tutor will help thoroughly to understand IT related stuffs. In the case that you want to build your IT career,that course can be very helpful.

With the addition of practice exams, for those who want to join IT certification, they can practice more to assure their success. Do you know the different between anti virus and personal who know the nook and cranny of data protection? They can test the existed security system to find out the weak point, so then they can do something before someone hacks the data and shatter all of the hard work. Start from now, if you never think about this before, you better take this into account. The size of your business is not a matter for them, but the data that you have.

Why Software Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Things to Know About Work Order Management Software

The Work Order Management Software is an innovative intelligent system that manages in giving workforce management based on mobile gadgets. This signifies that you are now able to manage the necessities of your client in a more proficient and effective means.

Each service providing institutions needs augmented resources to give sufficient services. This means that in order to become successful, it is vital that your resource efficiency must be augmented. And you can increase the efficiency of your company by means of improving other aspects such as usage of resources and augmentation of productivity. In this manner, you will attain better results. And so as to ensure that you will be able to experience all the things mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you make use of a Work Order Management Software.

The most vital benefit you can get from incorporating a Work Order Management Software in an institution is that the system will spontaneously manage the crucial scheduling as well as mobility aspects. In addition, it makes use of all the important information in order to create key decisions, systematize clientele, entitlement, management aspects as well as asset management.

What are the vital characteristics of Work Order Management Software?

1. Simple organization of the system. This Work Order Management Software deals with configuring and definite only key and important objects related to business. This comprises efficient and easy management of crew, customer handling, scheduling, entitlement, taking active work orders and other important customized work orders. This denotes that only those objects and aspects are involved in the systems that are needed by the company.

2. Admittance control. All the information that are utilized by any institutions are certainly confidential and must not be retrieved by just any person. By taking this into consideration the system will control the visibility and access of the users. For this reason, unauthorized individuals don’t have the key to access any information of the company and only the employees can see certain information that they are allowed to see.

3. Incorporation of complete suite. You will not have a hard time of installing Work Order Management System as per the institution need. This signifies that you are not ought to write long codes anymore as well as do a number of technical tasks. The whole system can be customized so easily and be configured without any hassle.

With this, we can say that the Work Order Management System is a brainy and sharp system that all business organizations must have especially if they are service-based. The Work Order Management System is imperatively proficient that it allows you to have smooth operations and free from mistakes.


What is the Best File Encryption Software or Algorithm

File encryption or data encryption is a process of transforming your confidential information into an unreadable format which cannot be accessed without correct password or key. It is used in the field of Cryptography which is the science of information security. The information is converted by using a special algorithm which is known as Cipher and cipher makes your data inaccessible for all those people who do not have the correct password or the key.

This procedure of translating your data into indecipherable format is completed by following a proper series of well-defined steps; these steps in turn result in coded information or you can say encrypted information. This encrypted information in cryptography is called as Cipher text.

The purpose of cryptography or file encryption software can be defined as follow:
Confidentiality: It means complete privacy and secrecy of your information in such a way that it cannot be understood by those for whom it was not intended.
Integrity: It means that encrypted information cannot changed, altered or modified in anyway. Your encrypted information will remain intact in storage containers and in transit between sender and intended receiver.
Non- refutation: It means that sender or the creator of the information later cannot deny his or her purpose of creating and sending the encrypted information.
Verification: It means authentication is required so that sender and receiver can confirm each others identity as well as the origin and destination of the information.
Dating back to early 1970s, file encryption software were symmetric in nature which means that the key used to encrypt files and folders was the same as the key which was used to decrypt the encrypted information.

Decryption is basically the process of decoding encrypted information that has been previously transformed into a secret format and this decoding requires a password or a secret key.

Asymmetric algorithm was introduced in 1977 by two American mathematicians W. Diffie and M. E. Hellman. Asymmetric algorithm requires two different keys which are mathematically interrelated but cannot be derived from one another. One key is used for encrypting data while the other key is used to decrypt the encrypted data or information.

Encryption algorithm is conceived to be sensibly secure practice to keep your data safe and protected. There are many encryption algorithms being used in the industry these days which include 64-bit encryption, 128-bit encryption, and 256-bit encryption. Out of them 256-bit encryption algorithm is considered to be most secure and reliable algorithm.

Advanced Encryption Algorithm known as AES is now considered to be most reliable encryption algorithm among all the algorithms available till date. Many file encryption software are deploying this encryption algorithm which makes them even more secure and more reliable when it comes to encrypting confidential data.

Folder Lock is a file encryption software that uses 256-bit AES encryption algorithm that makes it secure and reliable. It is an advanced level of file encryption software that also offers a simple way to lock down personal files and folders so that it will be useful for the techies as well as for casual home users.

It comes with many other useful features which make it stand out of the other ordinary file encryption software like file shredding, stealth mode, USB portability which lets you secure USB drive, hack attempt monitoring, history cleaning, plug & play support and many more. You must got to give it a try!

Vend POS Software – Everything You Need to Know

Consumers today have no dearth of options when it comes to shopping, whether it is through traditional channels or online. People are increasingly expecting more in terms of value, choice and service. This new generation of consumer shopping behavior can be tapped by smart business owners by providing them the best pricing, great service, and a seamless shopping experience.

It has become essential for business owners to not only deliver a unified service across the retail stores, but also a great brand experience. Business owners today cannot afford to be disconnected from technology. Otherwise, they suffer the disadvantages of an outdated point of sale system. With Vend software, business owners can upgrade to the latest technology without even having to overhaul the entire POS systems.

Robust and Feature-rich POS technology
Vend is the retail POS software that allows business owners to create a robust system to help them organize their sales using a PC, Mac or even an iPad running the Vend app. Vend is compatible with a majority of the existing POS hardware used by the retailers. This means that they can simply update their systems to this latest technology, without spending on expensive brand new hardware. The point of sale software stores all the inventory information, and makes it easy for users to schedule reordering of inventories. It is also extremely useful to get a macroscopic view of the purchases the customers make, and improve sales.

Exceptional User Experience
Having good POS software like Vend not only helps businesses streamline their processes, but also adds to the overall consumer experience. Vend allows shoppers to buy their fill as they want. They can make payments by debit and credit cards, split payments, gift cards and get easy refunds or returns, and what not. This has been made possible by Vends association with multiple payment gateways across the globe. Businesses should understand that small things like these add up to create a lasting image of the retailer in the eyes of the customers. It is a no brainier that the consumers will continue to visit those outlets, where it is the most convenient for them to shop.

Superior Control Over Your Retail Business
The Vend POS software has been designed to deliver maximum utility to its users. The system even works when the Internet is down. Once the system is back online it will seamlessly sync all the new data generated while offline.

The Vend point of sale software rates high when it comes to being user friendly. Business owners can easily add or delete products from the list. Whats more, they can even add composite products to the list to fit the needs of the business. The same goes for inventory management. There are provisions for automatic reordering, setting restocking levels, transferring inventories across stores, and so on. Users can centrally manage customers by studying customer behaviors and offering good deals on the product bundles, creating loyalty programs, and so on. This is going to increase the number of repeat customers, which is the main objective for any business.

This POS retail software even provides for staff accounts, which can have different permissions depends on the kind of access the business owners want to give them. This, in turn, also becomes a tool to track the performance of the staff at each store.

The information on the Vend POS software would be available to the users anywhere on the cloud in a completely secure environment. This software also enables business owners to easily switch between different payment plans, add new stores, enjoy more features with add-ons, and much more.