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How do manufacturers test my phone for durability?

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling

We have all dropped our phone and frantically attempted to brace the fall with our foot to avoid a cracked screen. It can be extremely frustrating to a consumer who spends hundreds of dollars on the newest technology, only to drop it once and then have a shattered screen. In fact, broken cell phones have plagued so many customers that cell phone repairs have grown to a $4 billion a year industry. Companies are combating this plague by implementing several extensive durability tests during the manufacturing process. Companies from many industries have begun purchasing products from purchasing products from NDT Equipment that test merchandise to ensure that manufacturers can create the best product possible. Major cell phone companies now perform a sit test, a bending/pressure test, and a torsion test to simulate the extreme circumstances our phones may endure.

The first phase of durability testing is the sit test. Many consumers carry their cell phone in their pants pocket for large portions of the day. This can bend and twist phones beyond their designed capacity. To test sitting durability, companies have started using a hydraulic press to push the phone onto three different surfaces to test the pressure a phone can take. The manufacturer will test on a flat surface, a slightly curved surface, and an extremely curved surface. When we sit on a hard surface with our phone in our back pocket it doesn’t bend too much, but softer surfaces tend to give, which makes the phone more likely to bend. Imagine sitting on a wood bench vs. sitting in a hammock with your phone in your back pocket. The hydraulic press will repeatedly apply pressure and then release pressure to simulate bending across multiple occurrences.

The largest factors when testing a cell phone’s durability are the amount of pressure being applied and the angle in which it is being applied. Apple does not publicly say how much pressure their phones can take, but they have stated that the iPhone 6 can handle roughly 25 kg of pressure during the bending test. Cell phone companies test the bending capacity by clamping the phone at the top and bottom, and then applying pressure to the middle of the phone until it bends beyond repair. In a similar fashion, manufacturers test for pressure by applying a single hydraulic rod to the center of the phone with 10 kg of weight. This is meant to simulate the amount of pressure a consumer could apply when they are using their phone.

The torsion test is very important to the durability of the phone, especially as phones are getting bigger. There are many scenarios in which our phones can become twisted in our jeans or in a bag with heavy items. In the torsion test, a phone is attached to a lathe at the top and bottom and each end is independently twisted. This test is very important to determine if the internal structure of the phone can handle distortion.


Have the Problem with the Technology? Here We Go!

Technology is something that we really have nowadays. Technology is well developed now and we need to make sure that we can prepare all of the things regarding to the technology. Preparing for all of the things here means that we should try to manage our technology for supporting our life too. When we want to have the good quality of the technology in our life, we need to be able to pick and choose which one of the technology that we really need.

But we know that sometimes the technology need to be treated well too. The technology here belongs to the devices. We need to maintain the devices well if we want to have the good and long term usage of the devices. The devices here can be varied too. That’s why you need to make sure that you can use the technology carefully.  For example, when you use the computer, you need to use it properly. If you do not use it properly, I am afraid that you will have the short term time usage.

If your devices are not used well and it broken, you need to make sure that you need to have the reparation time. You need to make sure that you can really know how to teardown if you want to really know what goings on with your devices. Or if you do not be able to do that, you simply can contact Parsa Wireless. They are such the good service that will enable you to have the good teardown process for letting them know what the problem with the devices so that you will be able to fix it again. So far, do you get any inspiration about to fix this kind of condition? Good luck for the process of teardown for your own technology.

Ways Business Owner Can Do To Secure Their Data

Among other things, hacker really is like a deadly disease for business owner considering the harm that is caused. Dealing with hacker can be a headache because your business reputation will be at stake. ITProTV can be solution for small and midsize business owners to tackle down any damage that may happen for the data leak. But why small or midsize companies? Hackers look to find easy way to get what they want. They know that its not easy to enter big company system and that is why they consider small to midsize company to find some ways through their business data.

So then before its too late, you need to do something to protect your data. Okay, you maybe think that pro anti virus that you use to prevent data is enough. However, understanding the nature of hacker, you know that they are way better than the anti virus that you install. But then why the aforesaid solution? It caters you with IT training that is very convenient and comprehensive. Convenient because you can get the IT training almost everywhere. It is comprehensive because the tutor will help thoroughly to understand IT related stuffs. In the case that you want to build your IT career,that course can be very helpful.

With the addition of practice exams, for those who want to join IT certification, they can practice more to assure their success. Do you know the different between anti virus and personal who know the nook and cranny of data protection? They can test the existed security system to find out the weak point, so then they can do something before someone hacks the data and shatter all of the hard work. Start from now, if you never think about this before, you better take this into account. The size of your business is not a matter for them, but the data that you have.

Observing A Brand New Video Does Not Mean Going Out

Quite often, whenever somebody desires to view a completely new motion picture they must go to the movie theater. The only other solution may be to watch it on their particular computer, but that is not a wonderful solution on a small display. Even with movie internet websites just like Netflix, someone will need to have a solution to stream the movies onto their own tv set or they have to acquire a brand new smart tv set which offers this included. Nevertheless, there’s a choice for people who do not want to obtain a brand new tv set or perhaps drive to the theatre.

As an alternative to venturing out or purchasing a whole new tv, someone might opt to obtain a streaming media player. This is a gadget that moves precisely what they may be viewing from their own computer to their tv set. They’re not limited by simply motion picture website pages, either. Anything at all the individual may stream on their own personal computer can now be streamed to their particular tv. This means they can enjoy virtually any film from the comfort of their very own residence. Instead of investing in a brand new tv set along with the latest functions, they can use their own tv and include new, more leisurely home furniture or a surround sound system to enable them to enjoy the videos more.

To take full advantage of this, somebody just needs to get a stream tv device they can utilize. It’s usually very easy to put together and therefore in minutes someone might be viewing anything they desire on their own television as an alternative to their own personal computer. From rewatching television shows to enjoying videos they’ve saved, just about everything that could be looked at on the computer could be streamed to the man or woman’s television for them to experience. They don’t have to stick with just cable tv any more.

If you happen to be considering streaming videos and more to your current television, you will desire to buy a device that permits you to do that easily while not having to upgrade your tv set. The Stream Smart device will be increasingly easy to utilize and thus can be set up in just a few minutes. If you want to manage to view what ever you desire on tv as an alternative to being restricted to cable television, ensure you proceed to buy it right now. After that, you’ll be able to start enjoying it as soon as it gets there.

Happy Parents Share Their Thoughts On Sittercity Reviews

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